Refurbishment Services

Refurbishment Services


Refurbishment and remodelling, whether fully done or partly, is a task that requires full-time observation and overseeing. Whether it is your own dwelling, a commercial building or a secondary property, we assure you that right from obtaining contractors and designers, to their payment, we leave no stone unturned in presenting to you the property of your dreams, with minimum budget requirements. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the process does not sap vacancy time, as we simultaneously prepare the property for dwelling in, within 48 hours of completion.

“Look no further for your Remodelling needs. We make Refurbishment Easy”

Refurbishment is the single most important aspect of marketing your property to potential buyers or tenants. We offer services for in-home refurbishment as well.

From design consultation, contracts and arrangements with contractors, to handling purchase of raw material, all aspects of home or corporate design are conducted in a documented, streamlined, and versatile manner for the utmost convenience of owner and tenant.

With a trusted network of reliable contractors, refurbishment is

efficient and at a minimum budget for all types of properties. We offer financial consultation keeping in mind future prospects and rental rate fluctuations.

Stress-free Experience:
All actions are executed with permission of the owner, without all the added responsibility of shopping, supervision and interaction with vendors. For home refurbishments, we come up with “doable” solutions that avoid a stressful interference in the landlord’s life.

  • Repairs
  • Complete and Partial Remodelling
  • Installation
  • Office & Home Refurbishment
  • Electricity
  • Consultation in Compliance with Owner
  • Efficient and Timely (minimum losses due to no rent)
  • Design Consultation
  • Planning
  • In-house Team
  • In-house Contract
  • Best Advice for Rent Optimization
  • Minimum Interaction for Owner
  • Overseeing Construction and Contracting
  • Commercial and Residential
  • Competitive Rates (Investor profits)
  • Immediate Letting
  • Budget Compliance
  • Purchase of Material
  • Budget Compliance