Letting Services

Letting Services


A common task for all landlords is to maintain what happens before, in between, and after the tenancy agreement and the departure of the tenant. At no cost, tenant search, screening, induction, property inspection, emergencies, maintenance, and re-letting services are all part of the package, with 100% rent guarantee. Every stage of the letting process is handled minutely, fully documented in clear, easy terms, on the spot, and free of disputes. The safety of your property is our concern and responsibility, and every protocol is followed in order to safeguard it. Vacant periods are rare, and every step is taken to provide comfort for all involved.

“Let your Property speak for You”

Letting now becomes a simple, well-mapped procedure once we determine exactly which duties you would like us to assume.

Smooth Process:
Our duties encompass everything right from advertising for, screening and inducting appropriate tenants to property inspection, maintenance, emergencies, rent reviews, documentation and re-letting preparations.

Crystal-clear Documentation:
Every aspect right from drawing up tenant agreements,

insurance, rent collection, statements, notices, inspection lists and reviews, property status, tenant lists, bill payments, and re-let preparation is documented regularly and conveyed to the landlord.

Owner and Tenant Satisfaction:
Our unique feature is that we ensure that not only the owner, but also the tenant is just as satisfied with their interactions. We find perfect owner-tenant fits, looking for mutually similar policies, leading to long and prosperous tenant-owner relationships.

  • Maintenance
  • Quick Response
  • Immediate Solutions
  • Dispute-Free Satisfaction
  • Property Inspection
  • Reviewing Tenant Applications
  • Regular Rent Review
  • Correspondence Handling between Landlord and Tenant
  • Timely Rent Payment
  • Timely Transfer of Payment
  • Tenant Induction
  • Tenant Reference Checks
  • Anonymity Guaranteed
  • Discussion of Policies (pets, other restrictions)
  • Documentation of Rent Statements (monthly and yearly)
  • Rent Collection & Renewal
  • Eviction
  • Agreements/Lease Execution
  • Fielding Calls and Inquiries
  • Issue of Timely Notices
  • Ensure Efficient Payment of In-House Bills
  • Re-let Preparation & Inspection