Landlord Services

Landlord Services


With busy schedules, some of us do not find the time to maintain our properties. Many look at land or property as investment and buy multiple properties which are difficult to track. Some landlords wish to invest in property but are reluctant to go ahead due to the tremendous effort it takes, right from legalities to tenant selection. Thus, the effort you can put into your investment does not provide maximum returns. That’s where we step in. London Property Managers will take care of every aspect of your dwelling, ensuring the fullest Returns on Investment (ROI), complete coordination, professional consultation, and timely records delivered to you. All for 0% Management fees and guaranteed monthly and annual returns.

“One Stop for All Your Property Needs.
Be a Landlord at Leisure”

As a landlord, you will find that the services we offer have something for everyone. We adjust our responsibilities according to your needs, thereby making a customized package of our services for each landlord. Determining the property management agreement at the outset helps us understand exactly what you would like us to take in our hands.

Property research, evaluation, shortlisting, selection, maintenance, protection, inspection, accounts, and advertising are a few of the asset-related services on offer.

We provide detailed guidance regarding purchase of different property types, legal arrangements and guidelines, insurance, mortgage, renting and tenancy laws, forms, and taxes, ensuring your complete financial and legal protection.

Tenancy services, like tenant sourcing, induction, leasing agreements, renewals, rental rates, research and recovery, security deposits, inspection, and vacancy elimination, are provided.

  • Property Evaluation
  • Rent Research
  • Property Advertising
  • Property Maintenance & Repair
  • Property Consultation
  • Tenant Search
  • Account Maintenance (detailing, maintaining records)
  • Tenant Induction
  • Mortgage & Insurance Payment
  • Guaranteed Returns
  • Maximum Returns
  • Best Deals
  • Lease Handling
  • Hassle-free Experience
  • Reliable Network of Contractors
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Minimize Vacancy Periods
  • Online Services
  • Regular Property Inspection
  • Documentation